What is it?

Section #1: Membership Development:

  • Academic Achievement:
    This section includes all academic programming, including programming  on time management, study skills, and test taking tips as well as academic recognition programs.
  • Leadership Development
    This includes all leadership positions on campus and leadership development activities that members have completed.

Section #2: Chapter Management:

  • Participation
    Points are received for attendance at council and all-Greek events.
  • Financial Management
    This section includes information on financial responsibility.
  • Goals and Action Plans
    This section seeks to encourage goal setting and action plan setting based on organizational values.
  • Alumni and/or Advisor Guidance
    Points are awarded for having involved chapter advisors.
  • Executive Board Training and Transition
    This includes information about the transitional process the organization uses, including any national training.
  • Chapter Meetings
    This section encourages chapters to maintain steady attendance at chapter meetings.
  • Administration
  • Points are awarded for timeliness on information given to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Relations.

Section #3: External Relations:

  • Campus Involvement
    This section covers all involvement with other student organizations and participation in university sponsored activities.
  • Alumni and Family Relations
    Points are awarded for alumni and family programs, alumni and family involvement in educational programming, and alumni and family involvement in community service projects.
  • Community Service
    This section covers all philanthropies and community service projects completed by the chapter. All community service projects should be registered with the Office of Fraternity and sorority Relations. Community Service Documentation Form needed.
  • Faculty/Staff Relations
    This section covers all programs completed to recognize both staff and
    faculty of UCLA.
  • Greek Relations
    Points are given for non-social events completed in collaboration with
    another Greek organization.
  • (Inter)national Fraternity/Sorority Relations (does not apply for local chapters)
    This section includes activities done with national organizations and other chapters of that organization in the area.
  • Public Relations
    This section covers information sent out to the public about activities being completed in the Greek Community.

Section #4: Policy Compliance:

  • Safe Social Events
    This includes all sober events completed by the chapter.
  • Member Conduct
    This section includes having a code of conduct and a chapter judicial board.
  • Compliance with Campus Policies
    Points are awarded to organizations who are in compliance with university policies.
  • Facility Management (applies only to residential chapters)
    This section covers safety within maintaining a chapter house.