Standard of Excellence


The Standards of Excellence (SOE) Program is to encourage the Fraternity and Sorority Community to achieve higher standards, which showcase a positive image, successful operations and management, and chapter achievements. The SOE  Program is a collection of standards that chapters are encouraged to accomplish in four key categories.


The Executive Summary

Deadline: Friday, December 2, 2016 5:00 PM (10th week)



Discuss 2 strengths or examples of positive work of your chapter for each of the four SOE categories.

Note: For each section you must provide adequate evidence to explain that strength/positive

Example: Chapter GPA increase

  • Provide statistics & Attach grade reports
  • Discussion of academic program or choices made by chapter that supported the increase in member GPA



Discuss 2 challenges for your chapter in each of the SOE categories:

Note: You must provide an explanation as to why it is a challenge and explain how your organization has made contributions or plans in addressing that challenge.


We are checking that you:

  1. Provide 8 strengths and 8 challenges in total
  2. Sufficiently support those claims with evidence and explanation
  3. Are true and honest with the representation of your year
  4. Wrote an accurate and authentic reflection of your organization